Eat Fat to Lose Fat. Yes. Really.

It seems counter-intuitive, but when I started eating FAT, and I mean good, solid, high quality fat that comes in nuts, seeds and oils, I finally lost those last 5-7 L.B.s that I’d been trying to lose for years. And I mean years.

I worked out and sweat like a fiend but still kept my same diet of, well, not so good stuff.  I thought, hey, I’m working out, so I can still eat what I want. I was sure the weight would eventually come off…if I kept working out.  Fast forward many years.  I was still having the same conversation with myself.  How does this happen?  And for so long?!  We are all creatures of habit.  If we don’t do something and I mean something really different, to make that change and shift in our lives, nothing is actually going to change. We kid ourselves but we don’t know that we are kidding ourselves because we are caught in an infinite loop (our habits) and to change what we are so use to, just doesn’t happen very easily.

So take a look at what you do everyday.  What small changes can you make in your life to really make a big impact over time?  Whether it is giving up the bad fat for the good fat or walking around the block a few times a week instead of sitting on the couch when you get home from work and munching on those chips, just do it. Do something different.  Today is the youngest you’ll ever be…so why not?

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