What Does Quiet Even Sound Like?

What Does Quiet Even Sound Like?

In our busy, everyday lives, our minds are working overtime.  It seems our minds are never just quiet. Ahhh…silence. Wouldn’t that be ever so nice?  But what does quiet even sound like, you may ask. Some of us never get a quiet moment, some of us know it’s there and yearn for it and some of us have had to train ourselves to have these glorious moments of nothing-ness.  Yay if that is you!

When we learn to quiet our mind, we can actually hear so many things.  If we’re not use to the quiet, it can be a little uncomfortable at first.  Ask yourself why it is making you uncomfortable. Does the silence make you go inward?  Are there things there you don’t want to deal with? (Probably. Join the club of being human). Does it affect how you feel about things you should be doing in your life? Does it make you question why you are standing there, on the back porch doing nothing?  Do you feel like you should be doing something?

Put yourself in a serene, peaceful place.  Turn off the TV and open the windows.  Step outside.  Listen to the world around you. What are you feeling?  What is the Universe saying to you?  Give the gift of nothing-ness to yourself.  You deserve it.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Today is the youngest you’ll ever be…so why not?

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