My Story

Hi, I’m Barbara and I live in the great state of Texas.  I moved here when I was 5.  So I pretty much got here as soon as I could. I’ve been an advocate of wellness for many years, with my journey continuing alongside my dad once he was diagnosed with heart disease, to help him figure out what to eat and what not to eat. There was and still is, so much conflicting and confusing information.

It has been quite the journey.  If I only knew back then, what I know now, Dad would have been around longer. This I know in my heart. After his death in 2009 I struggled to find peace. Nobody should have to go through what he did. Witnessing what my father went through with heart disease, was life changing for me. His memories continue to inspire me to live a life of awareness and fulfillment. It took much time and looking deep within to really let things go and find true peace…but I couldn’t really ‘let things go’.

The doctors would tell us, “eat chicken, fish, very little red meat, no bananas”…really?  No bananas?! I felt they were not giving us the dietary information that we needed to make the best decisions for Dad to heal and to not go through another surgery. But yet nobody was giving us the answers we were looking for, asking for and so desperately needed. This is how my passion for wellness grew.

Dad was no different than many others. This journey has led me here. I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. I now guide and support others to shift towards a more nutritious and abundant way of life through intention and awareness, real food and positive lifestyle choices. We can then create a ripple effect in our own family by sharing what we learn with the people we love and care about.

It’s not only the food we eat that gives us nourishment, but it’s how we live our daily lives. Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and a spiritual awareness are essential forms of nourishment. When these things are in alignment, the food you eat becomes secondary. I call this integrated way-of-life, LocaLiciousLiving or The LocaLiciousLiving Experience.

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