It’s 2016 ~ Are You Ready for a Change?

It’s a new year and a new you. How many times have you heard that phrase this time of year? Well it is a new year. Will it be a new you? Well, that is totally up to you. Usually the beginning of the year motivates us to want to make some changes in our life. Do you want to move forward with your business? Do you want to finally lose that weight? Do you want to leave that job that you’re not too fond of? Are you ready to set some goals and stay on track to reach them? If so, it is possible with others supporting you, cheering you on and offering encouragement.

Join a supportive, like-minded community to help you accomplish those things you’ve always wanted to accomplish, along with having fun and not stressing out.

Coming in 2016, we will be having workshops in locations that will assist you in goal setting and transformation. Nature is powerful and we can learn a lot from Her…if we allow ourselves to get quiet and listen. Studies have shown that blending with nature can invoke new possibilities and new ways of thinking. Change isn’t always about taking control, but more often than not, it is about letting go.

Our first retreat of the year is coming up April 1st-3rd in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. For more information, click here.

Why not set some goals now to have the body and life you love, and have some fun with like-minded, inspiring women while you do it? Today is the youngest you’ll ever be. Let’s do this together.

November Light ~ Hello Fall!

With Halloween now over and daylight savings time here, there is definitely a change in the air.  Hello November !  Hello Fall ! The cooler temperatures bring a different, colorful energy and a crispness in the air that is felt by many.  I constantly hear “I love this weather”, “I just want to be outside”, “this weather makes me want to put my boots on” or “I just want to make a big pot of soup”.  It’s a feeling that we feel deep down to want to do something different than what we’ve been doing in the warmer weather…and it feels good.  We listen and we adjust.  It’s just what we naturally do.  It’s the rhythm of the change in seasons.

With the full moon waning, the night sky is still pretty lit up, bright and beautiful. If you haven’t had a chance to get outside in the evening and look up, please, feel free to do so.  During this rhythm of seasonal change of shorter days and darkness coming earlier, there is still much light to appreciate.  The sun shines bright through my windows each morning and the moon seems to shine brighter on the crisp, clear nights.

So let the chill in the air and the light of a new day give you a new beginning and an energized spirit to take you into the season.  Pull out the fleece jacket, open the windows and let the fresh, cool air in.  Breathe.  Relax.  Make that pot of soup.  Put your boots on and let your creative energy flow to that next level, whatever that may be.